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Ask Science Questions

This site offers visitors the opportunity to post questions to science experts in a variety of fields.

Astronomical Society of the Pacific

A rich source of information on astronomy and space science along with many exciting and worthwhile educational programs.

Bill Nye - The Science Guy

The popular Science Guy is online with a variety of interesting things to see and do in the world of science.

California Academic Press: Critical Thinking Assessment

A site that collects essays, resources and other materials to effectively help educators and professionals increase critical thinking in all fields and disciplines.

Center for Critical Thinking

The Internet home of a "critical thinking community" that includes several educational non-profit organizations committed to the promotion of critical thought and inquiry within the educational arena.

Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP)

Our parent site and home of Skeptical Inquirer Magazine, the Council for Media Integrity, the Skeptiseum, Generation SXeptics and much, much more!

Cool Science

This site is managed by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and offers many interesting activities for young people.


One of the most successful museums for teaching about science, this online site is an excellent source of information and educational ideas.

Franklin Institute Science Museum

A wonderful site with a treasure trove of science resources.


Goddard's Science Question of the Week

Three years of weekly science questions and answers provide a great resource for researching a variety of subjects.

Inquirer's Guide to the Universe

A site devoted to space science, exploration and science fiction and fact. There are interactive activities to participate in and educational resources as well.

Kids World 2000

A great site to find even more links to museums, zoos and science sites.

MAD Scientist Network

A useful resource for students, parents and educators. Here you can find many interesting science activities, exhibits and experiments.

National Science Foundation

This is the home site for one of the leading science organizations in the US. A variety of information is available here along with the national science education standards.

Nobel Prize Archive

The Nobel Prize site offers lists of past winners along with information on the work they did to receive such a prestigious award.

Resources for Critical Thinking Organization

An organization devoted to promoting independent and critical thought in all endeavors. The site contains resources, writing and a variety of other materials worthwhile perusing.

Resources for Independent Thinking

A site filled with educational resources that help people think more independently and that promotes critical thinking.

Science Learning Network

This site is operated by the National Science Foundation and provides an online community of educators, students, schools, science museums and more.

Scientific American

Home of Scientific American Magazine, this site contains several articles that have appeared in print. A great resource for research projects.

Skeptics Society

Home of Skeptic and Jr. Skeptic Magazine, the site has many interesting articles worth reading and a few of the Jr. Skeptic issues online.

Technology Museum of Innovation

The Tech Museum site offers a variety of online museum exhibits to browse and enjoy.