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Chronicle of Higher Education

An education news site that includes seven years of archived material from college and university campuses in the US.

Classroom Connect

This site offers an education-based search engine and links to education-related websites.

Education Journal Annotations

A site indexing 400 educational journals with links to their sites.

Education Review

This publication offers reviews on recently published books on the subject of education.

Education Week on the Web

A variety of resources and reference material on the topic of education along with an impressive library of articles.

Instructor Magazine

The website for this publication offers a variety of resources and classroom strategies for elementary school teachers.

James Randi Educational Foundation

JREF promotes science and skepticism in public education and offers a few resources on its site for educators.

Learning Magazine

The online site for this publication offers teaching strategies, lesson ideas and a list of links for further educational resources.

National Geographic

The online version of National Geographic and World Magazine offers research material for students and educators, along with resources for use in the classroom.

Odyssey Magazine

The online presence of Odyssey Magazine provides a rich library of research material and resources for students and educators.

Project ASTRO

A program of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific that links professional and amateur astronomers with 4th - 9th grade teachers in their communities.

Resources for Independent Thinking

A site filled with educational resources that help people think more independently and that promotes critical thinking.

Syllabus Magazine

Along with strategies and lesson ideas for teachers there is an impressive library of case studies and ten years of archived articles.


A site devoted to promoting science and critical thought through an annual event that celebrates frontier science and education. Resources for teachers are being added to the site in the future.


A site with material and content promoting learning within elementary and secondary students on the subjects of science, space exploration and critical thought.