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The Annual 4th of July Lake Hypatia Celebration!
by Keiv Spare


Calendar Lore By David Park Musella






Looney Moon-y Ideas
by Sharon Hill

Critical Thinking and Control Groups
by Robert T. Carroll

Reasoning Together About “Left Behind” Books for Kids
by Brant Abrahamson

A Bad Case of the Mythsles
by Tim Burke

The Skeptic Detective - Developing an Investigative Mind
by Amanda Chesworth

The Charles Darwin Deathbed Myth
by Jim Strayer

Stop, Look, Listen - The Bigfoot Bulletin
by Diane Swanson

Volunteerism for Skeptics & Freethinkers
by Wendy Hughes



The Reason for the Seasons
The Autumn Equinox
Banned Books Week
Church / State Separation Week










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