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The Reason for the Seasons
The Summer Solstice
World Humanist Day


Freethinkin' Pretzels


Short Story

Short Story: Calls from the Afterlife
by Brad Smith



Saying My Promises





What was that in the lake?
by Sharon Hill

Reasoning Together About Moral Judgments
by Brant Abrahamson

The Bizarre Tales of a High School Skeptic
Or, how I learned to stop laughing and loathe the con
by Brett Hanover

The Skeptic Detective - Big Brains & Bogus Claims
by Amanda Chesworth

Urban Legends: Facts or Flights of Fancy?
by Andrew Finnigan

Cower or Power?
by Andrea Lynn Steele

Bookcrossing Dot Com, Pass it On!
by Wendy Hughes

Scooby Doo is Out, Nancy Drew is In!
by Laura Thomas

Pottermania is about to hit the world once again and Inquiring Minds are excited! We would like to hear what you have to say about Book Six: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Write to us at




2005 Cruise to Mexico


Camp Inquiry 2006


Recommended Books

Diane Swanson's Nibbling on Einstein's Brain

Robert Carroll's
The Skeptic's Dictionary

Susan Humphrey's Dare to Dream! & More








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