Science and Pseudoscience

Instructor: David Clevette
Doane College


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  • Unit One
    1. Introduction / Questionnaire
    2. Guest Speaker: John Mark - Psychic from Chicago
    3. ESP - Extrasensory Perception

  • Unit Two
    1. Reading Assignments:
      Chapter 1: The Most Precious Thing (1-22pp.)
      Chapter 2: Science and Hope (23-40pp.)
      Chapter 22: Significance Junkies (367-378pp.)
    2. Tape: Math Vantage - Data Collection & Interpretation
    3. Cognitive Illusions

  • Unit Three
    1. Reading Assignments:
      Chapter 13: Obsessed with Reality (219-244pp.)
    2. PK - Psychokinesis, Psychic Healings
    3. Film: "Powder" (1996)

  • Unit Four
    1. Reading Assignments:
      Chapter 4: Aliens (61-78pp.)
      Chapter 7: The Demon-Haunted World (113-134pp.)
      "UFOs I: Close Encounters of the First Kind" by Terrance Hines (165-183pp.)
    2. UFOs / Crop Circles
    3. Tape: "The Lazar Tape"

  • Unit Five
    1. Reading Assignments:
      Chapter 6: Hallucinations (97-112pp.)
      Chapter 9: Therapy (151-168pp.)
      Chapter 10: The Dragon in My Garage (169-188pp.)
    2. Guest Speaker: Prof. Don Jensen - UNL Psychology Dept.
    3. Methodological Issues in Paranormal Studies
    4. Constructive Memories - UFO Abductions

  • Unit Six
    1. Reading Assignments:
      Chapter 14: Antiscience (245-264pp.)
      Chapter 18: The Wind Makes Dust (307-318pp.)
      "Too Insensitive to Confirm" by Richard Milton (177-190pp.)
    2. Astrology & other Character Readings
    3. Science Truths and Mistakes
    4. The Shroud of Turin, Cryptozoology, Firewalking, Spontaneous Combustion

  • Unit Seven
    1. Reading Assignments:
      "The Sun in a Test Tube: The Story of Cold Fusion" by Henry Collins & Trevor Pinch (57-78pp.)
      "Sunbeams from Cucumbers" by Richard Milton (24-36pp.)
      "Health and Nutrition Quackery" by Terrance Hines (252-276pp.)
      "A Case of Ill Treatment" by Richard Milton (74-82pp.)
    2. Cold Fusion
    3. Nova Documentary: Cold Fusion
    4. Health and Nutrition Quackery

  • Unit Eight
    1. Reading Assignments:
      "Ancient Astronauts" by Terrance Hines (211-216pp.)
    2. Tape: "Life on Mars"
    3. Ancient Astronauts
    4. Tape: "Geosophy"
    5. Tape: "Pyramids"

  • Unit Nine
    1. Reading Assignments:
      Chapter 8: On The Distinction Between True and False Visions (135-150pp.)
    2. Guest Speaker: Dale Bacon - NB State Historical Society
      Ghosts: Investigating the Uninvestigatible
    3. Dowsing

  • Unit Ten
    1. Guest Speaker: E.A. Kral - A Skeptic's View of Ghosts


  • Unit Eleven
    1. Reading Assignments:
      Chapter 3: The Man in the Moon and The Face on Mars (41-60pp.)
    2. The Face on Mars
    3. Tape: "Richard Hoagland UN Briefing"

  • Unit Twelve
    1. Reading Assignments:
      Chapter 5: Spoofing and Secrecy (79-96pp.)
    2. Guest Speaker: Scott Colborn - Owner of The Way Home Bookstore
      UFOs, Crop Circles, Exploring Unexplained Phenomena

  • Unit Thirteen
    1. Film: Independence Day (1996)

  • Unit Fourteen
    1. Reading Assignments:
      Chapter 12: The Fine Art of Baloney Detection (201-218pp.)
      Chapter 17: The Marriage of Skepticism and Wonder (293-306pp.)
    2. Conclusions
    3. Baloney Detection
    4. Assessment of Biorhythm Charts
    5. Review