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So many extraordinary claims, so few Skeptic Detectives!

False claims can work to confuse people about what is real and possible and they can be used to take advantage of the gullible and misinformed. Ideas that don't work can stear our species towards a future ripe with nonsense and unable to cope with what life throws our way. For these reasons and more, we are in search of skeptic detectives to help investigate and explore the many claims and beliefs that are circulating in our marketplace of ideas and to help provide information and analysis that people can turn to and rely upon when trying to understand and make sense of the claims and phenomena they encounter.

Here we will be compiling material on investigations that have been conducted on previously unexplained phenomena. We will also begin collecting resources for individuals interested in doing their own investigating - both here in cyberspace and out there in the real world.

To help evaluate unusual claims and bizarre phenomena, a Skeptic Detective's Handbook is being created for different age levels. The Handbook will provide worthwhile guidelines for young investigators to navigate through reality and gain valuable practice and experience for future explorations within the "mysterious unknown."

CSICOP's Senior Research Fellow, Joe Nickell, travels the world in search of extraordinary claims and conducts investigations to help explain the odd and unusual occurrences that are taking place around the globe. Here you can read about the results of Joe's detective work on a number of bizarre cases from the paranormal realms. You may also find a few helpful hints on how to conduct your own investigations.

Skeptics from across the country have been investigating paranormal claims for decades. Many of their reports are available online and can help provide reference material for your own investigations. Although each claim is different and will need an independent evaluation, similar cases may offer useful information and alternative explanations that are worthwhile considering.